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What are some New York state labor laws? |

The current minimum wage for New York is $9.00 per hour. The overtime rate for employees is one and a half times the regular pay rate. Overtime for tipped employees making less than the minimum wage is calculated as one and a half times New York state's minimum wage.

Similar to other states, Ohio labor laws start with federal labor laws and incorporate a few variations. As of February 2015, variations in Ohio include wages, worker's compensation, holidays and vacation, and termination, states The Ohio Department of Labor provides the latest labor law information.

Any person age 18 or over in the state of New York can legally possess pepper spray or another self-defense spray device. It must be purchased in person from a licensed firearm retailer, and the seller must keep a record of the purchase, under New York Penal Code 265.20 14(a).

The state of New York's two largest landforms are the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, which together cover one-third of the entire state. The Adirondack Mountains constitute the larger landform of the two, and they reach 5,344 feet at their peak. New York also has many lakes, including Lake Champlain, Lake George and Oneida Lake.

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