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traffic law center

#Traffic Law Center

The Traffic Law Center's goal in speeding ticket cases is to help clients keep the speeding ticket off their records.

The goal of our speeding ticket lawyers is to help our clients avoid an insurance rate increase and points or other record of conviction that may lead to suspension or revocation of their licenses. Keeping speeding tickets off of records is usually done through plea bargaining with a prosecutor or state's attorney, and will involve an amendment of the ticket, probation, or diversion.

If you are looking for a speeding ticket lawyer in St. Louis, Kansas City or Illinois, the Traffic Law Center is the place to go. You can call us at one of the following phone numbers or fill out the form above, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.

St. Louis. 314 -842-5381

Illinois. 618 -842-5381

Kansas City. 816 -842-5381

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