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We quote our fees on a case-by-case basis. It will take just two minutes of your time to call or email TLC to get a quote on a simple traffic ticket case. Most cases can be handled for less than $100, not including court fines and costs. W e also have special pricing for students (under 21), active military, professional drivers, and senior citizens .

Save money . Spend money now to avoid paying thousands later in insurance rate increases.

No worries . Get your ticket to us and we do the rest. Most of the time we can go to court for you. And if the court requires you to go, we go with you.

A "comfort level" with the fee . What do you think of lawyers who advertise and use phrases like "fees from" and use "bait" prices to generate calls or office visits? We quote each case individually and tell you what the entire fee will be up front. We offer a fixed fee guarantee , where the price doesn't change even if the case requires more time and work than we anticipate .

Reliability . We wonder how a "law firm" of 1 or 2 lawyers can cover 6 different courts, 50 to 60 miles apart, that all meet at the same time. We believe it takes several full-time lawyers to cover all of these dockets. We are aware of no other traffic law firm that has as many full time attorneys on staff and in court every day, as TLC. When your name is called in court, you can rest assured that we've got it covered.

Competence . Our lawyers average 10-plus years handling traffic law cases and over the past 20 years they've successfully handled more than a half million cases .

Friendly service with a smile . We appreciate your business. Our staff is full of positive, helpful, and upbeat people who enjoy helping TLC clients. You're always welcome any TLC office. We're open Monday through Friday, 9-5, Saturdays (2 locations) 10-2 without appointment. We have phone-in service and clients can call in and set up their cases with a credit card.

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