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#THIRD TIER REALITY: Fourth Tier Pile of Moist Feces: Phoenix School of Law

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fourth Tier Pile of Moist Feces: Phoenix School of Law

Tuition: A full-time student at this diploma factory will be charged $34,396 in tuition for the 2010-2011 school year. There is also a general fee of $1,570, plus SBA dues of $70. This brings us to a grand total of $36,036. for one year of legal educaTTTTion. On the bright side, part-time law students will only be charged $27,516 in tuition, for the same academic year. To be fair, this school does not appear to be affiliated with the University of Phoenix.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance: The sewage pit estimates that the total COA for 2010-2011 will amount to $62,136 . Keep in mind that these pigs are only taking living expenses, for nine months, into account. Seeing that actual law students require living expenses over the course of twelve months, and not nine, we will determine a more accurate figure. Taking room and board, transportation and miscellaneous costs - for the full year - into account, total COA reaches $70,107 .

Ranking: Do we even need to ask about the school s reputation? That s right. US News World Report has Phoenix Law Sewer listed as a fourth tier piece of trash. (Actually, Pussy Boy Robert Morse has them listed under the euphemism of unranked. Let s hope that Bob didn t get a rash by shaving his bush too closely.)

Alleged Employment and Starting Salary Statistics: This festering pool of corroded toilet water claims a 97 percent placement rate, for its Class of 2010:

Phoenix School of Law had seventy-one students in its 2010 graduating class. 97% of this graduating class secured employment, or is pursuing a full-time degree within nine months of graduation. [Emphasis in original]

Yeah, sure they were and I put Lauren Graham s feet behind her ears last night. Keep in mind that this piece of filth received full ABA accreditation on June 11, 2010. The commode also asserts that the median starting salary for this class was $60,000. Who knew that working the register at Sunrider or busing tables at Chili s paid so well?

Average Law School Indebtedness: US News lists the average law student indebtedness - for those poor fools from the Phoenix Law School Class of 2010 who incurred debt for a TTTT law degree - as $83,213 . For some reason, USN WR is not aware of how many of these graduates took on such debt.

2010-2011 Admissions Outcomes: As you can see from this graph, this school accepts students with 2.72 undergraduate GPAs and 144 LSAT scores. Apparently, four water-heads were denied admission. Can you believe this nonsense. The fact that the ABA permits such sweltering toilets to operate SHOWS CONCLUSIVELY that this morally bankrupt organization does not give one damn about students or the public.

This school is part of the Infilaw empire. Look at some of the cockroaches on their board.

Dennis Archer is a former president of the ABA. Rudy Hasl is dean of TTTThoma$ Jeffer$on Sewer of Law. and former chair of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar. This division oversees the law school accreditation process. Martha Walters Barnett served as ABA president in 2000-2001. She was also on the Board of Governors and chaired the ABA s House of Delegates. Robert K. Walsh has chaired the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, as well as the Accreditation Committee and the Standards Review Committee.

Conclusion: The Phoenix Law School is a disgusting, foul, putrid, rotting piece of excrement that should be avoided at all costs. I don t care if these dogs give you a full-tuition scholarship to attend their dung heap. Walk away from this turd and never look back.

This for-profit pile of moist fecal matter only cares about raking in money. These selfish swine plan to do so at the expense of your future. Simply put, this school accepts people who have no shot in hell of ever practicing law. One can be accepted to this commode with a pathetic 2.72 UGPA and 144 LSAT score. Sure, you can add the letters J.D. behind your name, if you graduate from this place. However, is it worth taking out an additional $100K in NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt - and ending up as a bartender?!

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