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California Laws on Accidents While Driving Without a License | eHow

Driving without a license is dangerous and illegal in every state. If you get caught driving without a license in California, you will face heavy fines and possibly even jail time. If you are in an accident while driving without a license, your penalties will depend upon whether you caused the accident, if you were drunk or on drugs when it happened and how many times and what types of accidents and moving violations you already have on your record.

California Vehicle Code 12500 (a) vc prohibits you from driving instate without a valid driver's license. You are breaking this law if you are driving and you have never obtained a driver's license, your driver's license expired, you are a California resident but have an out-of-state license or you are ineligible for a driver's license (for example, if you are an illegal immigrant). You are also breaking this law if you are driving a vehicle you are not licensed for -- if you are driving a car and you only have a motorcycle license, for example. If you get into an accident while you are driving without a license, you will definitely be cited for breaking this law.

California Vehicle Code 12500 (a) vc can be either a misdemeanor offense or an infraction. According to Los Angeles criminal defense attorney John Murray, how you are charged usually depends upon your driving history. For example, if you are a California resident but still have your old New York license, the proceedings may be postponed long enough for you to remedy this situation and get your California license. In that case, you may be charged with an infraction or the charges may be dropped entirely. Technically, however, a judge may impose informal probation for up to three years, six months in the county jail, a $1,000 fine or a 30-day impound of your car. If you are driving without a license, you are also probably driving without insurance and breaking another law. If you get into an accident, you could also be charged with drunk or reckless driving, depending upon the situation.

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